Genshin Impact: Unusual Detail Revealed About Alhaitham, a Five-Star Sword User

Sarah Moore


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Genshin Impact players have recently spotted an interesting detail about the five-star sword user Alhaitham. This character, currently available on the Limited Character Banner, is part of the game's version 3.4 update. Alongside Alhaitham, players can also obtain another new character, the Anemo user Xiao, from the same banner.

Genshin Impact players can obtain weapons of five different types: sword, claymore, polearm, catalyst, and bow. Each of these weapon types comes with its own unique playstyle. For example, swords require players to engage in close combat, while bows need players to keep their distance. The game's playable characters can also be divided into three categories based on the size of their character model.

Interestingly, Alhaitham is the only five-star sword user that has a small character model. Other five-star sword users in the game, such as Diluc, Razor, and Kaeya, all have medium-sized character models. This means that Alhaitham is the only five-star sword user who can take advantage of the smaller character model's ability to move around the battlefield more quickly.

This detail is especially noteworthy as Alhaitham is the first five-star sword user to be added to the game in quite some time. As such, his smaller character model may provide players with a new way to utilize swords in Genshin Impact.

In conclusion, Genshin Impact players have recently revealed a unique detail about Alhaitham, the new five-star sword user. He is the only five-star sword user in the game with a small character model, which may provide players with an interesting new way to use swords. It remains to be seen how this detail will shape the way players approach sword-based combat in the game.


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