Apple Can Manage Through iPhone Production Disruptions in China, Analyst Says. Here’s Why

Tom Anderson


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Apple has been affected by production shutdowns in China that have caused supply chain issues and made it difficult for them to produce their iPhones. The analysts are now saying that they are still confident that Apple will be able to keep up with the demand in spite of the production disruptions.

What Does It Have to Do With?

Since recently Apple has been relying on Chinese factories to produce its equipment, the onset of quarantine in China has led to a shutdown of all production facilities with all the ensuing consequences.

Already at that time, Apple's management was thinking about how to overcome this problem. But the quarantine hit not only Apple but the whole industry, which affected the availability of spare parts, materials, and other consumables. Optimizing production by opening additional capacity as a solution. Plus the production of processors is produced in their own factories.

Analysts are now saying that they are confident that Apple will be able to keep up with the demand despite the production disruptions.


Given all the actions taken by the company's management and the current situation in the market of components, we can predict that Apple will cope with the production disruptions that may now threaten all the major players.


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