Britons Overwhelmed by Cybersecurity Measures, New Study Reveals

Maria Davis


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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and in its honor, a new study has surfaced, highlighting a significant issue – the majority of Brits feel overwhelmed by cybersecurity best practices. In fact, 34 percent of them confess to abandoning these practices, believing them to be a daunting task. A survey led by Thales, which included more than 2,000 UK citizens, exposed this unsettling degree of consumer apathy towards online safety.

The study unearthed more than just consumer indifference. It revealed that 51 percent of respondents find it challenging to keep pace with rapid technological advancements and their implications on personal security. Additionally, 22 percent confessed to having no idea about the importance of their data's geographical location, while 20 percent expressed no concerns whatsoever. These numbers indicate a worrying lack of understanding and concern around data security and privacy.

The main issue, according to Chris Harris, the EMEA technical director at Thales, is not necessarily a lack of awareness. On the contrary, there's an overabundance of information on how to stay safe online, which ends up overwhelming the public. This fatigue leads to a neglect of best cyber practices. But this problem, Harris says, needs to be considered and factored into how companies communicate data safety measures to their customers.

The study also found that this lack of understanding is causing Brits to willingly compromise their data. Almost half (47 percent) of the participants admitted to accepting terms and conditions without fully understanding them, inevitably increasing their own data privacy risks. More worryingly, a substantial 57 percent of respondents suspect that companies intentionally use complex language in their terms and conditions to hide the extent to which individuals unknowingly surrender their personal data.

In conclusion, this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, businesses must rethink their approach to ensuring a safer digital environment. As the study reveals, jargon and complexity alienate the broader population and discourage them from following best practices. Instead, businesses need to simplify cybersecurity communications, foster an understanding of the topic, and help individuals protect themselves from threats they can comprehend. The question of cybersecurity must be addressed by both companies and consumers. Remember, in the cyber world, safety first!


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