DJI Mini 3 Pro — Firmware 01.00.0400

Ana Gotter


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Along with the firmware for DJI RC, a software update for the Mini 3 Pro drone itself was released. The firmware version is 01.00.0400.

The update was long-awaited because the previous firmware when connecting the drone to DJI Assistant made the drone a non-flying brick. It could have been fixed using beta 310 firmware, but I wanted to see something stable and publicly available.

What's New?

And now let's go through what the new DJI brought us for Mini 3 Pro in this update:

  • Added support for mandatory drone id activation for the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The function cannot be disabled and it is stated that if DJI Fly is lower than 1.7.8, then the drone will not be able to take off in the USA.
  • Added support for Master shots in portrait mode. For fans of automatic modes.
  • Added shutter speed and ISO priority in manual mode. But this was clearly not enough for us.
  • Added support for the ability to adjust options such as sharpness and noise reduction.
  • Added support for an external wide-angle lens.

Is it worth updating? Uniquely. This an interesting update, the most important thing is that it introduces new chips and fixes old jambs, and we don't need more.


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