Google Closes Currents App

Sarah Moore


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G Suite software called Currents was released back in 2019. Now Google announces that it will be closed. Some employers are unhappy with such a decision since the app was the key to communication between them and employees.

Currents allowed users to interact within the company. Google announced that they are going to stop the activity of the app. Users can switch to the Spaces until 2023 when the app will be winding down. The content that was created in Currents can be redirected to Spaces. Google also confirmed that the company is working on new features for Spaces that improve the users' experience there. Users will be able to continue their communication and common work.

The new features that will appear in the Spaces app will include the tools for the moderation of content, the ability to talk for large groups, and communication with team leaders. Google is planning to make the search within the app advanced. They are investing money to develop Spaces according to modern demands. Google promises to make the app more secure for companies, with the protection and encrypting of valuable data. There will be the prevention of the data loss and support of Vault.

According to Google, there will be enough time for companies to transport the data and communication from Currents to Spaces. In the upcoming months, companies will be able to check out new ways of collaboration. The company’s officials say that the new app provides a modern experience, removing old-fashioned separate destinations for its users. Users will be able to get engaged in discussions based on particular topics, receive new valuable knowledge, and build new projects together.

What do you think about the transition from Currents to Spaces? Have you ever tried any of it before? Which is your favorite app for work? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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