Hogwarts Legacy Players Bored Waiting for Merlin Trial Scenes

Sarah Moore


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Hogwarts Legacy is a popular role-playing game set in the Harry Potter universe. Many players are familiar with its Exploration Challenges, which involve traveling around the map to complete various tasks. One of the most popular of these is the Merlin Trials, which recently caused a stir when one Reddit user counted how long it takes to watch all 95 cutscenes associated with the trials. Player reactions to the wait time have been mixed, with some calling for a skip button and others suggesting a snack break while the animations are playing out. 

The Merlin Trials tasked players with completing tasks related to the legendary wizard Merlin, who is known in the Harry Potter universe for his involvement in King Arthur’s court in the Dark Ages. Upon successful completion of these trials, players are rewarded with new Gear Inventory Slots, which is a major boon for players currently facing gear capacity issues. 

Recently, Reddit user ChezKeetel discovered that it actually takes 950 seconds, or 16 minutes, to watch all 95 cutscenes associated with the Merlin Trials. This time is spent watching 10-second animations for each trial, a process that many players found to be tedious and time-consuming. This prompted other players to suggest ways to pass the time, such as a quick snack or for the developers to implement a skip button for the scenes. 

One other recent incident related to the trials involved a hilarious glitch that ruined one player’s attempt at completing them. In this case, a large stone ball involved in the challenge glitched, accelerated, and shot up into the sky like a rocket, ending up inside Black Lake. Though funny, this event was concluded far more quickly than watching all 95 scenes, taking only a fraction of the 16 minutes. 

In conclusion, the sheer amount of time it takes to watch all of the Merlin Trials' animations have led to some outcry from the Hogwarts Legacy community. Players, especially those seeking a Platinum Trophy for endgame content, have strongly suggested the implementation of a skip button for the scenes to save time. Others have suggested that the time could be used to grab a snack and relax or even to enjoy the funny glitches that can sometimes occur due to the game’s bugs. In any case, the amount of time it takes to watch all of the scenes has certainly been an eye-opener for many players.


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