Instagram's "Add Yours" Feature Just Got More Personal with Customizable Templates

Sarah Moore


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Instagram continues to redefine storytelling with its new customizable "Add Yours" templates. This intriguing update allows users to concoct their very own meme-worthy Stories, complete with GIFs, images, and text, inviting followers to participate in a more personal and engaging way. The process begins by uploading a Story, where you’re free to sprinkle in various elements, such as a humorous GIF, snappy custom text, or a memorable photo from your gallery.

The fusion of creativity and interactivity reaches new heights as users pin these elements using the 'Add Yours Templates' sticker, cementing their vision into a template. Followers can then riff off this template, layering their own content alongside the fixed elements. While they can’t alter the original creator's pinned items, they can indeed contribute their essence, leading to a rich tapestry of collective expression.

The untapped potential for collaboration is immense, as these custom templates act like a beacon, calling on Instagram's global community to share slices of life through an ever-evolving cascade of Stories. Since the debut of the interactive "Add Yours" sticker in 2021, the platform has seen a surge in communal storytelling. User engagement is set to soar as everyone can now retrofit any prompt with their unique flair.

As the platform evolves, Instagram also nurtures the creative spark within its user base through other features tailored to content creators, such as the "template browser" for Reels that debuted in July. This tool allows for the discovery and personalization of pre-made templates, further simplifying the video-creating process and ensuring users can stay on the cusp of social media trends.

This leap forward affirms Instagram's dedication to creative spirits keen on sharing their realities and fantasies alike—one customizable template at a time. Be it a call to action, a shared joke, or a visual chain letter, and these templates set the stage for Instagram's next chapter, where personal expression and community come together in an enchanting dance of digital interaction. As the feature rolls out across the globe, we await the innovative Stories that are sure to unfold, peppered with the unique identities and imaginations of Instagram's vast user base.


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