LoL Patch 14.2: Riot Porting Over Huge QoL Wild Rift Change For Kayn

Sarah Moore


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League of Legends players eagerly anticipating the arrival of Patch 14.1 are already looking forward to what's in store for the subsequent update. Among the anticipated features is an improvement in the quality of life for the shadow-wielding jungler, Kayn. This enhancement, which was previously incorporated into the mobile iteration of Wild Rift, will finally make its way onto the PC platform.

Kayn boasts a significant following within the ranks of solo queue enthusiasts, charmed by his brooding appearance and engaging playstyle. However, the character hasn’t been without its share of drawbacks, particularly concerning the usage of his ultimate ability. Instances where teammates inadvertently disrupt his ultimate can be frustrating, detracting from gameplay enjoyment.

Activating Kayn's ultimate ability, the champion fixates on an opponent, initiating a damage-dealing channeling phase with a grand finale. The impact of the ability is two-fold, having differing effects and damage levels based on Kayn’s transformation into either his Shadow Assassin or Darkin form. As the Darkin, Kayn not only inflicts damage but also recuperates health proportionate to the enemy’s maximum health and the inflicted damage.

Yet previously, if the opponent perished before Kayn could trigger the second phase of his ultimate ability, he would be deprived of the essential healing component. This aspect often resulted in unsatisfactory experiences for players.

In response, the developers have decided to implement a modification that has been functional in Wild Rift since patch 4.4d to ameliorate this issue in League of Legends with Patch 14.2. This update guarantees that Kayn will receive the health restoration from his ultimate, 'R,' even if his target expires before the ability’s recast—albeit without the benefit of passive healing.

This amendment is a much-welcomed enhancement to Kayn's arsenal, and it addresses an element of gameplay that, particularly in the unpredictable environment of solo queue, is not always within the player's control. It ensures that Kayn players can maximize their champion’s effectiveness without requiring meticulous coordination from team members, which isn’t always feasible in the fast-paced fray of solo queue encounters. The community celebrates this refined feature, which looks to usher in a seamless and more rewarding experience for aficionados of the Shadow Reaper.


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