Lords Mobile Is Coming to Steam

Sarah Moore


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One of the most popular mobile strategies is coming to PC. It’s quite unusual, because usually it goes the other way, and PC or console hits go mobile. Lords turned out to be Mobile enough for such an unexpected migration. Its phenomenon is worth some attention. And, as a brand paradox, the game even preserves its Mobile name.

Demobilization of the Lords

Lords Mobile game Steam Screenshot

Mobile strategies combined with RPG have been an obsession for about a decade since today’s kings iOS and Android took over. Lords Mobile is just one of these strategies offering you a castle to start and a tree of technologies to develop further. Unlike most strategies with the military or economic way of development predestined, Lords Mobile lets you select what to concentrate on. Yet anyway you’ll have to defend your kingdom, and, if you join a guild, participate in guild wars.

The game is traditionally free to play, though accelerating your progress costs some money, but it’s completely voluntary. This zero entrance level attracts millions of players still, despite hundreds of millions are already in. And now there’ll be even more, given that the game is completely cross-platform. That means, PC players will interact with those on mobiles and experience no difference.

Games like this are not so controls-sensible, so there’s no need to implement tricks connecting only players with similar input devices (like it’s done in Fortnite and some other games).

Since June 2nd, Lords Mobile is on Steam. It only requires about 2 GB free space, 4 GB RAM and almost any video card, with no specific requirements about OS and CPU. There are some flaws so far; for example, one cannot authorize with Google or Facebook, so long time players have to invent tricks to access their accounts, or just start anew. 

What Do You Expect, My Lord?

Lords Mobile Steam Game Screenshot

It’s quite an unusual experience to play the traditionally mobile game with keyboard and mouse; well, even if you have a touchscreen display, it doesn’t change the experience dramatically. Maybe, if you’re an experienced player, you better wait until the developers solve the problems with authentication via Google.

Lords Mobile, then Why Not

Even if you haven’t played this game, you might probably see its commercials in other apps, as the game was advertised very heavily. Now the same may start on PC, and Lords Mobile for PC will be everywhere. 


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