Lost Wallet Travels 35 Cities Thanks to AirTag

Sarah Moore


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For John Lewis, a recent passenger on American Airlines, a simple mistake of forgetting his wallet quickly turned into a thrilling journey around the world. Thanks to the help of Apple’s AirTag, the wallet ended up flying to 35 cities in a single day.

The incident started when Lewis was late to catch his connecting flight due to a delay in his initial flight. In the haste to catch the plane, Lewis forgot his wallet on the plane, containing important items such as his debit and credit cards. Fearing the worst, Lewis was worried that he would never be able to find his wallet again.

But all hope was not lost. Lewis had put an AirTag inside his wallet, which enabled him to track its whereabouts. Using the “Items” feature of Apple’s Find My app, Lewis was able to track his wallet’s movements and see where it had been. To his amazement, the wallet had traveled to 35 cities in a single day.

Upon realizing what had happened, Lewis was relieved to find out that his wallet had traveled so far yet remained safe. Lewis contacted American Airlines, who, after searching for the wallet, was not able to find it. Fortunately for Lewis, he was able to find his wallet thanks to AirTag.

The incident highlights the importance of having technology like AirTag to help find lost items. In this case, Lewis was able to track and locate his wallet, preventing him from the stress and worry of losing his important items. AirTag has certainly been a great help in helping people find their lost items, and in this case, it has enabled Lewis to retrieve his wallet from 35 cities.


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