Revolutionizing Beauty and Fashion: Upcoming Snapchat AR and Bitmoji Features

Sarah Moore


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Digital and immersive experiences are changing the beauty and fashion landscape, and leading this shift is the social media platform Snapchat. With its recent 2023 Beauty Summit, Snapchat has teased exciting additions to its platform that will take beauty marketing and interaction to new heights. 

Snapchat is set to introduce post-capture Lenses - an innovative tool that allows users to add special effects to previously taken images and videos. With this, you can recreate or enhance your photos and videos, providing an added touch of creativity. This is not just a filter add-on but a tool specifically designed to boost your content quality and engagement. 

The second feature has an intriguing name: "Beauty Bestie." It helps users experiment with different makeup looks, recommended based on their color palette and mood. These looks are designed by professional makeup artists, offering users a personalized beauty advisory service at their fingertips. Imagine experiencing a professional makeup tutorial right from your cell phone - adding an element of accessible luxury to everyday life. 

In elevating the interactive experience, Snapchat is updating the beloved Bitmoji characters. With Beauty Drops, users will now be able to add the trendiest makeup to their virtual selves, mimicking real-world product launches. Although this might not provide an exact estimate of how these products would look in real life, the feature offers a playful way for users to engage with new beauty products and trends. 

In conclusion, Snapchat's upcoming features will revolutionize beauty and fashion brand promotions. However, the beauty filters are intended to be more complementary than transformative, adding real-world value rather than creating unreachable beauty standards. As the line between the physical and digital worlds blurs, these tools might very well shape the future of beauty and fashion marketing. With AR lenses making a significant impact, the possibilities for personalized, engaging brand interactions are endless. 



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