Rotwood, Don’t Starve Developer’s New Game, Enters Steam Early Access

Sarah Moore


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Klei Entertainment has launched its latest venture, a cooperative slashing adventure with elements of rogue-like gameplay, titled Rosewood. It can be purchased for the reduced price of $10.99, reflecting a 10% discount available until May 8.

In Rotwood, players find themselves in a world besieged by sinister, corrupted creatures. The journey takes them through the eponymous forest of Rotwood, challenging them to not only confront these adversaries but also to harness a variety of skills and experiment with different combat styles to overcome deadly bosses and progress through the game.

At this stage in early access, Rotwood includes four distinct biomes, each with four levels of difficulty and varied classes of weapons. As players advance, they will be able to enhance their town base, unlocking new abilities and further upgrades. Throughout its early access phase, the game is set to expand with additional bosses, biomes, and items.

While there is no confirmed release date for the finished version of the game, Klei Entertainment has indicated that their projects typically span from one to two years for completion. Additionally, the price of Rotwood is expected to rise incrementally throughout its early access period and prior to its official release.

Klei Entertainment's new strategic combat game, Rotwood, encourages players to master skills and upgrade their abilities as they fight through a perilously transforming world.


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