Steam Sees a Surge in Monster Hunter World Players Following Campaign and Discount

Sarah Moore


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Monster Hunter World is experiencing a significant revival on Steam, much to the delight of its fans. This resurgence comes in the wake of Capcom's announcement at The Game Awards 2023 of a future installment, Monster Hunter Wilds, which fans eagerly await but won't see until 2025. To reignite interest in the franchise, Capcom has initiated a "Return To World" campaign to draw players back to the 2018 title. This push back into the realm of Monster Hunter World is accompanied by an eye-catching online hashtag and the game’s largest discount to date on Steam— an impressive 67% off the original price.

The effectiveness of the "Return To World" initiative, combined with the anticipation for Monster Hunter Wilds, has translated into a remarkable upswing in activity on Steam. For the first time since its last major content update in 2020, World's concurrent player numbers soared past the 100,000 mark this past week. Steam Database figures show a peak of 113,000 players at one point in a 24-hour span, and the game consistently breached the 100,000-player threshold over the course of the week.

The persistent allure of Monster Hunter World is a testament to the exceptional nature of the game, the returning eagerness of its community, and the attractive price point for PC gamers. Amid a bevy of discounts during the Steam Winter Sale, which showcases deals on a diverse range of games, Monster Hunter World stands out as a particularly enticing buy, valued at a mere £8/10—a bargain for a game that can provide up to 40 hours of engaging campaign play.

The revitalization of the game’s online community is expected to make the wait for Monster Hunter Wilds much more tolerable. While the upcoming title is planned for release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 in 2025, specifics remain scant for the time being. Capcom has, however, indicated that more information will become available in the summer of the coming year. With any luck, fans will be treated to a glimpse of the new flying mounts and the stunning environments promised in this next chapter of the Monster Hunter saga.


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