The Grand Return of Mark Hamill as The Joker in Multiversus

Sarah Moore


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Mark Hamill’s iconic laughter will once again fill the airwaves as Warner Brothers and Player First Games have officially announced his return as the voice of The Joker in Multiverses. This news has gotten the gaming and comic book community excited, especially since Hamill had previously announced his retirement from the role, making this decision due to the passing of Kevin Conroy in 2022. Their dynamic partnership brought Batman and The Joker to life for decades, making this return not only nostalgic but also a fitting tribute to Conroy's legacy.

The announcement was made with a brief teaser on X/Twitter showcasing The Joker’s signature moves, followed by a more detailed trailer on YouTube. These sneak peeks into The Joker’s gameplay in Multiversus reveal a character that is both menacing and captivating, promising to bring a unique flair to the game’s diverse roster. With Batman making strides across the battlefield against other iconic characters like Bugs Bunny, Shaggy, and Arya Stark, it's The Joker's dramatic entrance that steals the show. His menacing promise, “Wait, they get a load of me!” hints at the chaos and fun that await players.

Hamill’s decision to take up the mantle of The Joker once more speaks volumes of his dedication to the character and, perhaps, his desire to give fans one last exceptional portrayal alongside Conroy’s Batman. The depths of his voice acting have left an indelible mark on the character, making any project featuring his Joker a must-experience event. Furthermore, this return is a beacon of hope for fans who feared the dynamic duo’s end with Conroy’s death, offering one last hurrah that’s both thrilling and bittersweet.

The Joker, classified as a Mage in Multiversus, brings a distinct playstyle to the game. His arsenal includes a chargeable upward crowbar swing, a strategically thrown playing card, and a powerful rocket launcher projectile, demonstrating his capability for both close combat and long-range mischief. This versatility ensures that The Joker will be a formidable opponent and a favorite among players seeking a character that requires a blend of skill and cunning to master.

In conclusion, Mark Hamill’s return as The Joker is a monumental moment for Multiversus and its fans. It melds nostalgia with innovation, offering a fresh experience that’s rooted in the rich history of DC Comics. As Multiversus gears up for its updated relaunch, the inclusion of Hamill’s Joker is a masterstroke that enriches the game’s universe, promising an immersive experience that honors the past while boldly stepping into the future. This is indeed a dramatic comeback that underscores Hamill’s lasting legacy as The Joker, immortalizing his voice as the definitive portrayal of Batman’s iconic nemesis.


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