Unveiling Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, an Exciting Multiplayer Game for Wizarding World Fans

Sarah Moore


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In a surprising move, Warner Bros recently announced a new multiplayer game called Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions set in the enchanting wizarding world. The reveal came shortly after the news that the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy will not feature Quidditch, the beloved magical sport. Quidditch Champions, developed by Unbroken Studios and published by Portkey Games, now fills this void and sets the stage for thrilling broomstick adventures.

The sudden revelation of Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions came via a tweet from Warner Bros, which also included an invitation for limited playtest sign-ups. The game has reportedly been in development for several years, leading to speculation that this might have influenced the decision to exclude Quidditch from Hogwarts Legacy. Although no specific release date or pricing has been revealed, the game is slated to be available on PC and various gaming consoles.

Continuing in the main part, the FAQ for the game clarifies that it is a standalone Quidditch experience wrapped within a competitive, multiplayer setting. Quidditch Champions does not aim to be a direct adaptation of the Harry Potter books and films, but it will remain faithful to the magical universe that fans have grown to love. Notably, though, it appears that Harry Potter himself will not be featured in the game.

In conclusion, Portkey Games looks to carve out a new path within the wizarding world with J.K. Rowling's support and trust in their creative vision. As fans eagerly anticipate the chance to partake in the exhilarating sport of Quidditch, they can sign up for limited playtests and join the official Quidditch Champions Discord server for more information.


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