Tips for Playing Alto's Adventure – Best Tricks and Tips

Sean Williams


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Alto's Adventure is an endless snowboarding game. It has a very chill and relaxing vibe to it. It's very similar to the classic snowboarding games that were popular on the NES. It started on iOS but has now made its way to the Android platform. It's a really fun game that's super easy to pick up and play for only a few minutes or for hours.

Alto's Adventure is the ultimate chill game. You control a snowboarder named Alto, who is on a snowboarding journey. Your goal is to get as far as you can, but it's not that simple. You have to avoid trees, rocks, snowmen, and other obstacles. 

If you crash into anything, you'll fall down. You can get right back up and keep going, but you lose health every time you crash. You'll also lose health if you stay in the cold too long, so you'll have to continue moving forward to stay warm. Now let’s move on to the tips.

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1. Performing a Ledge Flip

There is a trick you can do that will let you jump off ledges with an extra boost. When you are running towards a ledge, right before you jump, you can tap the opposite direction to jump off the ledge with an extra boost. This is useful for getting extra distance.

2. Hitting the Jump Button Repeatedly

Sometimes you will be jumping from a high spot, and you will run out of jumps before you reach your destination. In these cases, you can keep pressing the jump button to get a little extra distance out of your jumps.

3. Jumping over the Edge to Retrieve your Skis

If you accidentally ski off a cliff, you can press and hold the jump button to fall off the edge and retrieve your skis. This is useful for retrieving your skis from high ledges.

4. Using the Ski Glider

After you ski off of a high cliff and retrieve your skis, you can press and hold the jump button to use the ski glider. This is useful for making extra distance and reaching areas that would be very difficult to reach otherwise.

5. Grabbing the Wind

When you are close to the ground, you can press the jump button to grab the wind. This will give you a small extra jump in the direction you are moving.


That's it for my tips for playing Alto's Adventure. I hope you found this article helpful; please share it with your friends so they can play better. Also, if you have any tips for me, let me know so I can add them to this article. Have fun playing Alto's Adventure!


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