Unlock the Art of Battle: Mastering Combat Styles in Rise of the Ronin

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Embark on a journey across the tumultuous era of feudal Japan in Team Ninja's Rise of the Ronin, an action RPG that provides you with the liberty to define your own fighting ethos. The power of mastering combat styles cannot be overstated, as it determines the efficacy with which you navigate challenges and adversaries. This guide delineates the pathway to unlocking the rich tapestry of combat styles at your disposal.

Understanding the Essence of Combat Styles

In the realm of Rise of the Ronin, combat styles are inherently linked to the array of weapons available to you. From katana to odachi, each weapon boasts a unique set of combat maneuvers, ensuring that no single encounter is ever the same. These styles are not merely aesthetic variations; they are strategic choices that enhance your combat readiness and adaptability.

Understanding the Essence of Combat Styles

Step 1: Choose Your Blade Sharpening Origin

Your journey begins with a pivotal decision – selecting your Blade Sharpening Origin. This choice not only influences your initial weapon proficiency but also suggests styles that harmonize with your character's build. For example, should you align with the Killer's origin, it's advantageous to commence with a katana, greatsword, or odachi in hand.

Step 2: Engaging with Combat Styles

With a weapon in grasp, the exploration of its nine potential combat styles unfolds. As your character's bond with each weapon deepens, so too will your combat style options expand. Initially, you will find a mixture of accessible and locked styles, prompting the quest to unlock the full spectrum.

Step 3: Fortifying Bonds to Unlock Styles

A pivotal aspect of unlocking new combat styles involves strengthening relationships with key figures within the game's narrative. Take, for instance, the need to foster a bond with Gonzo to unveil the Nodachi Jigen-ryu style. Gifts, mission assistance, and selecting dialogues that resonate with Gonzo are all part of this dynamic process.

Fortifying Bonds to Unlock Styles

Step 4: Diverse Paths to Style Mastery

Combat styles can often be accessed via multiple methods. An illustration of this versatility lies in unlocking the Oxtail Blade's Kihetai Style, achievable either by enhancing your bond with Shinsaku Takasugi or by overcoming the formidable Green-Eye Sanzaemon. Selection of either path leads to the same outcome – the unlocking of a new combat style.

Step 5: Progression Through the Story

Patience is rewarded in the game, as some combat styles will only reveal themselves through the natural progression of the storyline. This method stands as a testament to the game's design, where dedication to the story is incentivized with gradual enhancements to your martial capabilities.

Step 6: Assigning and Upgrading Your New Styles

Upon achieving the feat of unlocking a new style, it's time to make it a focal part of your arsenal. Navigate to the Equipment tab and manually assign your hard-earned combat style. Further refinement of these styles is also possible by fulfilling the prerequisites listed on their respective cards, sharpening your edge even further in battle.

Assigning and Upgrading Your New Styles

Tips for Enhancing Your Combat Prowess

  • Experiment with different combat styles to find the one that suits your gameplay approach the most.
  • Keep an eye out for items and relics throughout the world that might be valued by your companions and increase your bond.
  • Pay attention to the narrative cues – some story developments might hint at new styles or necessary actions to unlock them.

In Rise of the Ronin, the path to becoming a master warrior is intricate and filled with discovery. As you traverse this vividly crafted world, remember that unlocking combat styles is more than expanding your repertoire; it's about embodying the versatility and resilience of a Ronin. Heed this guide, and let your blade dance with the precision of a seasoned samurai.


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