Gamers respond to the Kinect-less Xbox One: Was it the right move?

The bad news is that the potential of Kinect was never fully realised, and while Microsoft says it’s still committed to its Kinect dream, it now takes a backseat to what is a far more appealing and affordable Xbox One bundle.

The feedback from gamers has been mostly positive … in that they applaud Microsoft for removing Kinect and bringing the price down. However, there’s no shortage of jeering in the face of what is yet another Microsoft Xbox One backflip. The important thing is that there are now people willing to buy the console at a cheaper price.

“This is what I’ve been saying they should do since day one. It should have never been bundled.” – Jakob Asquith, Facebook

“I was never going to pay $599.00 Australian dollars for it anyway. I have been waiting for it to come down in price as it has always been way too expensive for what it is. They would have to drop at least a couple of hundred before I will get one.” – John Collier, Facebook

The backflipping won’t go ignored: some gamers see this as yet another about-face after Microsoft hammered home its “entertainment” and Kinect-focused Xbox One experience.

“They back flip on many things that they should have stuck to. That would have been better for everyone in the future.” – Darren Talbot, Facebook

Would sticking with the current price tag and bundle work for the console in the long run? Early signs would suggest no, because Sony’s PS4 is crushing Xbox One by a few million. Of all the back flips Microsoft has made, this appears to be the most important.

But is the frustration from consumers that led to the backflips really the justification Microsoft needs to steer away from its philosophy? Some don’t think so.

“Unfortunately, consumers are scared of change that is more drastic than a single step to the left or right. That [fear] is bad for the rest of us.” – Tony Czuchnowski, Facebook

Why did Microsoft chose to go with Kinect bundled in in the first place? The camera had done well for Xbox 360, bundled together and sold separately, but with only one Xbox One option available, it appeared as though Kinect and Xbox One were one in the same.

The removal has since raised criticism about the Xbox One’s defining feature … or lack thereof: what makes the Xbox One different now that it lacks Kinect?

“Bad idea, the reason Xbox is set apart from PS4 is the Kinect interaction. Now it’s like a s*** stain on Sony’s toilet paper.” – Luke Loncarevic, Facebook

That’s an … interesting analogy.

What it comes down to is that Microsoft is listening to consumer feedback: there has to be a reason why people aren’t flocking to buy an Xbox One in the same way they are a PS4, and so the company looked to address this. To some, that’s a sign of good things to come.
“The more positive impression to walk away with is [that] Microsoft are listening to its fans, and are opting to give them more options in stores.

Is this move more of a response to pricing and sales, or is Microsoft really looking to ditch Kinect? It says it isn’t, and that it still remains focused on delivery good software for the motion-sensing camera. And believe it or not, Kinect still has fans out there.

With fewer people now investing in Kinect and the install base probably staying stagnant from here on in, it could be the end of unique and good Kinect games coming to the console.

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