One month later: Are you still playing Destiny?

Bungie’s post-Halo epic, Destiny has been out for over a month now. According to the developer, some 3.2 million players log in daily to play Destiny. That’s huge numbers, especially for a game people just love to hate.

Because let’s face it, Destiny ain’t perfect. From the awkward story that feels disconnected from any form of emotional investment on the player’s behalf, to a weird loot system that has inspired more farming spots than, well, any video game I can remember from recent memory, to the overburdening sense of repetition that plagues you at every turn. But yet, people keep playing it!

Since launch, right up until late September I was playing Destiny everyday, or every second day depending on my schedule. Once I hit the soft level cap, I fell into a good routine of completing daily bounties, challenges and strikes, all in an attempt to steadily increase my light level. I wasn’t too concerned about getting the maximise amount loot as quickly as possible – I did journey to the infamous loot cave for ten minutes, though – or worry about how to earn the most amount of Vanguard marks. Rather, I’d just plot along at my own pace, soaking in Destiny’s rich environment and atmosphere.

Though then I went away for a wedding, and when I came home I was assaulted with the realities of work, life and commitments. So since, I’ve only really played a whole two, maybe three hours of Destiny. Which is a shame, since Bungie are diligently working to patch the game, introducing hotfixes and updates every week to ensure those three million plus players keep on coming back for more. I’m unsure when I’ll find the time to sink my teeth back into Destiny, since both Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation both command my attention right now, and I’m currently putting Driveclub through its paces for an upcoming review.

But I’m not too worried about playing Destiny right now. Bungie’s designed its latest blockbuster to be a slow-burner, growing bigger and bigger in scope as time goes on. After all of this year’s big name games drop come November, Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, drops in December, with another expansion planned for sometime next year. Despite its faults right now, I feel invested in Bungie’s new world, and will gladly buy into whatever else the developer wants to give me in the future.

Everyday I log onto the web and see dozens of comments about how bad the game is, yet people are still playing it endlessly. And people keep buying it, too, or starting again with a new character. For all its faults, people seem to be addicted to the game like crack.

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