Rise of the Kings

Rise of the Kings

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Rise of the Kings review

With a plenty of useful apps, functions, and features, the smartphones have made our lives easy and hassle-free. The smartphones are also known to entertain its users with various ways such as movies, music, web browsing, etc. Among all, video games play a pivotal role when it comes to entertainment. There are various genres of games targeting specific people. One such genre is strategy. The strategic games make the gamers scratch their heads before every move. These games are entertaining but also make the gamer prudently ponder over every step they take.

One such amazing and well-built strategic game is Rise of the Kings. The game boasts of an amazing storyline and mind-blowing graphics. The control of the protagonist is seamless and the sound as well music of the game further make the smartphone users addict to the game.

The rise of the Kings is an online multiplayer game where gamers from all over the world battle against each other as Lords. The aim of every gamer in the game is to survive the hostile fantasy world and rule over everyone else. You, as a king, hold the fate of your kingdom and the fate of your army.

When you install and start to play this game, you are not directly made to fight the other kings and armies. You get to train your army first so as to teach them the various moves of battling against your determined foes and fearsome enemies. You can undertake clever strategies during the wars, exhibit your superior leadership as well as cunning diplomacy to stand against all odds. With all these traits, you get to rise to the top and claim the throne. Your only challenge is various other players who are involved in same tactics in order to rest on the throne.

In Rise of the Kings, you can amass your army by taking the help of your friends. You can form an alliance with them and further increase your soldiers. Apart from merging armies, training and sending them to war, you also get to explore the wild lands. You can stalk the monsters roaming the lands, kill them and take their treasure. You get to explore the dungeons, uncover the riches of the ancients and further sharpen your skills.

With PvP challenges, prove your mettle against some of the best lords of the country. As you successfully execute the strategies, you grow, build and train your enemies faster and put all of them against the Grimm Raider Clan – the Orcs. There is much more to the game that you get to explore as you get it and play. So, if you think you have what it takes to become a king, then Rise of the Kings is the game for you.

The Final Words

The rise of the Kings is a brilliantly executed smartphone game that lets you strategize so as to claim the throne, crown, and treasure. The online multiplayer feature manifolds the fun by leaps and bounds. Either destroy your enemy or join hands with them to win the crown. Strategize smartly!


  • Mind-Blowing Graphics, Music and Sound Effects;
  • Frequent Updates that Come with Many Add-ons.


  • RAM and Storage Memory Eater;
  • Bigger Font in the Chat Interface Hampers the Display.

Rise of the Kings

4 / 5

Author: ONEMT Ltd
Latest Version: 1.2.0
Publish Date: 2017-08-03
Size: 91.7 MB