The Universim is the best World Building/Management game 2018!

Studio Crytivo Games is preparing to release her planetarily Manager The Universim, which will allow us to become a God. The developers have tried to embody in your game all what you most like city building simulations, and simulations of God: to give total control over the fate of the world’s population.

The Universim is full of surprises. The game looks familiar, but it is something completely new. To understand what I’m talking about, you have to try for yourself. It is extremely difficult and incredibly interesting to run a small civilization for many years. You can invest in it yourself. You can be good, evil or indifferent. I believe that in The Universim there is something for all types of players.
Sasha Shumsky, producer Crytivo
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Your civilization will begin in the Stone Age and steadily progress, advancing beyond the modern era, then moving into the age of intergalactic exploration and colonization. The game will feature a similar evolutionary path to the human race, but players will have the tools to shape their civilization’s progress. You will need to think carefully when making decisions about things such as their research path. Some things may be far more important than others, depending on the situation and era. Even though you may think that fancy new gadget is worth dying for, you will also need to consider how it could be used while your people are slowly turning into fossils.
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As the Supreme deity, we have to follow the birth and development of civilization. Residents choose their own way, and players can send them straight or give the wards their own destiny. Going through a different era, a civilization gets to the point of flowering, it goes into space and is able to start colonizing different planets. Unless, of course, residents do not anger the player and he will not destroy their planet long before that.

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